Truth Speaks

Finally, the REAL truth!
And it’s not what you think…

Are you ready for YOUR truth?

The Dragon’s Story

A poignant and beautiful story of how the dragon came into being, of its purpose in our lives and of the magic it can bring as we open up to it and allow the forgiveness of our soul.

The Dragon Speaks

Like it or not, the dragon is here. It’s you. It can be your greatest ally. Are you ready to face it?

So, you’re leaving Mass Consciousness?

You thought you could leave Mass Consciousness and not feel anything, did you?

John McCurdy and Romana Ercegović

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Reunion of Feminine and Masculine

At the core of all things the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine have reunited. Now they are ready to reunite within anyone who will allow it, and they bring precious and amazing gifts for you.

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The Gifts of Isis

Isis, also known as the Divine Feminine, is back, and she has a story to tell and gifts to give. She asked me to allow her to speak through me in Greece, and this is what she said. Click to hear what she said.

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