Truth Speaks

A Channel by John McCurdy with Romana Ercegović

John McCurdy

Truth. It’s probably the one thing I’ve spent more of my existence searching for than anything else.

Truth. That one, ultimate truth that would make everything make sense and would finally give me the ability to get my life under control. That one truth so beautiful and simple that it would bring everyone together, and finally make peace on Earth.

Truth. You know the one, right? That grand Truth that everybody thinks they’ve found, except that when you hear it, it isn’t yours?

Well, a few weeks ago, not long after Adamus Saint-Germain talked about truth in the February Crimson Circle Shoud, I felt “Truth” wanting to speak.

My first reaction was, Are you crazy? That’s insane. People will think I’ve gone off the deep end for sure!

But “truth” is one of our soul’s senses, which makes it a facet of the metaphorical dragon we’ve been talking about and feeling so much of lately, and arguing with the dragon is futile. So, after several weeks of intense and even painful reminders of the true nature of truth, I finally sat down with Romana and allowed “Truth” to speak. The result is perhaps the most beautiful and moving channel yet, at least for me.

To my surprise, this channel was also a profound turning point in the already beautiful and amazing relationship that Romana and I share. Understanding and feeling the real nature of truth allowed us to come to a new level of trust and intimacy with each other, and within ourselves.

Because of that we’re finally ready to make this “our” website, instead of just mine. You might have noticed that the name has changed from to, to better reflect that union and the deeper nature of our work together. Stay tuned, because there are all sorts of exciting potentials coming this way!

Romana and I wish to thank you for your support and appreciation, and for all the financial energy so many of you have added. It means a lot to us to see the response to these messages flowing in, and it feels so much better to leave the amount up to you instead of demanding a fixed price. Sometimes we receive very small payments from parts of the world where we know that’s a big deal, and I’m always amazed to see how those are balanced out by much larger payments from others. It feels so good to make this available at whatever amount people feel able to pay, and to still have enough money coming in to take care of our own lives!

So, without further ado, here is the message from “Truth.” It’s probably not what you expect. Enjoy! (Length: 55:46)

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Transcript of Recording

Truth Speaks

Truth Speaks

Channeled by John McCurdy with Romana Ercegović
March 10, 2019

This material is copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission from Romana or John. Links to this page are always welcome, but no copy or translation may be posted on any other website, blog, newsletter, social media post or in any other form without our explicit permission. Thank you for respecting the love and energy that has gone into this work, and for your energy exchange!


Welcome, dear one.

Welcome, dear friend, to this experience; to this journey, this experience of connecting to your soul deeper and deeper.

Mmm. Take a deep breath into your whole body and feel the softness of you.

Before we enter this sacred space of you, of this journey we are going on together, let’s prepare a little bit. Let’s remind ourselves we have a body.

Let’s invite—I invite you to invite—your soul into your body.

As you take a deep breath, allow your soul to enter you.

Allow yourself to remember the presence of your radiating soul. And as you do so, your soul fulfills your whole body.

Take a deep a breath and feel this light, this joy, entering your heart, entering your chest, entering your whole body.

Just feel the pleasure of allowing your soul to enter.

Just feel the pleasure of being your soul, of feeling love that you are, of feeling that radiance that you are.

Just allow yourself to feel unconditional compassion for yourself. Unconditional love for everything you are.

Just feel how it feels to be in this sacred space of your self-love.

Mmm. Allow yourself to be caressed and washed by the pure waters, by the stream of your inner river, which sparkles with beautiful light.

Feel these waters come into your body and help you release all the tensions of the day, of the days behind; help you to feel yourself here and now, in your body, in your own radiance, in your own sacred joy.

Breathe even deeper as your soul is entering your whole body, and open yourself for the experience, for the journey within.


Greetings, my dear friend.

I am the voice of Truth. Your truth.

I am one of your soul’s many senses. I am one of the most misunderstood of your senses and I am, perhaps, the sense that you have been seeking for so very long. The sense that you have missed the most.

Because you see, when you left home so long ago, and yet only a breath ago, when you left home and found yourself lost, feeling lost in the void, in the nothingness, you felt that you had lost your truth. You didn’t know where you were or who you were, and ever since then you’ve been searching for your truth.

Oh, this was long before Earth was even imagined. You began to create because that’s who you are, but you didn’t know that then. It was kind of like all these things—they weren’t even things then, but we’ll use human metaphors—it was like all these things kept popping into existence around you. You didn’t know how that happened, because you had no experience with yourself as a creator. It confused you at first.

Then you began to run into other beings, and at first they felt so familiar, because in a sense—oh, we’re speaking in metaphors here. Don’t take anything too literally, because there are no human words to describe the real truth of how you got here.

These other beings, separate from you and yet from the same source, the same consciousness, but now different. They felt familiar to you, and yet as you observed them, they seemed different. And that confused you.

As your watched them you felt your own longing for home, longing to know who you were. You thought maybe this other being knew something that you didn’t, so you began to listen to them, to observe them, to try to be like them, not even realizing they were doing the same with you. And that is how mass consciousness was born.

So you met more and more beings like you, but different. You all started observing each other, thinking that maybe that other, those others, had some truth that you didn’t have. So you watched them even closer. Your creations became more similar to theirs. At least some of them. Their creations became more similar to yours.

And then one day you were chatting with someone, and they said something that didn’t make any sense at all to you. It was almost like they spoke in a different language. They told you that your creations were wrong, that your understanding was wrong, and what they were saying felt so wrong to you. And that confused who even more. You tried to get away from them. You pushed them away from you, and you went off in search of what you called the “real truth,” the one Truth that would make everything make sense.

Eventually that search led to the creation of Earth and you found yourself here, still seeking for that truth that would somehow make everything makes sense. And still, now, you seek that truth, the truth that will bring everyone together, that will finally create peace.

My dear friend, what you’re coming, finally, to realize, is that it doesn’t exist. It’s simply doesn’t exist!

But you exist. And if there is one all-encompassing truth, it is that: you exist. But beyond that, there is no truth outside of you.

There is no truth that will unite all the people, or all the beings, for each one of you is a sovereign creator. Each one of you is a unique individual being. Each one of you is THE God of your existence and of your experience.

There is only one truth that matters, and that is YOUR truth.

But you’ve been running from me, your truth. You’ve been running from your own truth for so long. You looked around at all the other creators and what they were creating, and you thought something was wrong with you. And so you pushed your truth away, and you took on their truth, and you tried to make it yours.

You rejected some of their truths, that didn’t fit. You formed into groups. You’ve heard them called spiritual families. They were really groups organized around “truth.”

You had come together, and you needed to get along with each other. So you would come to an agreement about certain basic principles, and you would call that “the truth.” And you and your friends would live by those principles. Or try to.

Every now and then feel a little bit of their own truth and say, “Wait, there’s something else here!” And the rest of you would drive them away, because they threatened your comfortable compromise. And also because they stirred up your truth, which you were working so hard to bury, to run away from.

Those groups continued, and they expanded. They came to Earth. They still continued. There were wars, battles, everyone seeking to try to find a unifying truth. Gods were created.

God is nothing but a figurehead created by mankind to hold a set of principles that you call Truth, to try to enforce those on all the others. It doesn’t work. Eventually, for you, those Gods disintegrated. Those truths disintegrated. You tried on a lot of different truths. Eventually they all fell apart. They left you confused, feeling small and ashamed. Doubting Yourself.

Then at last, at long last, you began to feel me again. Little by little, you’ve begun to let your own truth come back.

So many of you have begun to release mass consciousness. And really what that means, is that you’re finally letting go of everyone else’s truth. You’re finally beginning to let your own truth come back.

It’s scary. It’s scary to trust yourself that much. It’s scary because it feels like, if you let your own truth back in you’re going to go crazy. And indeed, from the perspective of all the others, you are. Because you are truth is not the same as theirs. It never was, and it was never meant to be.

It’s scary to let your truth come back, because it feels like you’re going to lose everything in your life. Everything that has become so precious to you, everyone who you have come to feel so close to. And in a way, that’s true. You are losing them. But in another way, as you let me back in, your own truth—as you begin to live, to trust, your own truth, the truth created by you and no one else—as you begin to trust that, you’ll find that you can relate to the others around you in a new way.

You’ve been in that mass consciousness for so long. You understand it. Well, at least you know it. And now, as you withdraw from it, as you come back to your own truth, you’ll be able to interact from a whole new place where all those other truths don’t have any effect upon you. You can interact. You can honor them, because now you know that they’re not yours. They are somebody else’s, and you have your own truth.

So feel me, dear one. Feel into your very own truth.

It’s different from anyone else’s truth. It’s never going to match anyone else’s truth. Can You allow that?

Your truth will never be the same as John’s truth, or Romana’s truth, and their truths are not the same as each other’s.

It creates some interesting dynamics in relationships. When you meet someone you’re especially close to it can create havoc, because you’re still trying to match your truth to the other’s, and it doesn’t work anymore. Not for you.

Your truth is too close now. You’ve begun to recognize it as yours, and you can’t let it go anymore. You can’t run away and hide from it anymore. I’m too close to you, I won’t let you. So you have to deal with your own truth. You have to live your own truth. And at first it’s hard to see how to do that with someone you’re really close to.

But it’s actually very easy, if you simply remember that you each have your own truth, and it’s different. Then you can honor the other person’s truth, while staying true to your own truth. You can allow the other person to have their truth and allow yourself to have your own. And in that place, you can have a relationship.

You can blend your consciousness together. You can even blend your truths together, to a certain extent, and you can have a relationship like you’ve never had before. A relationship that is full of honor, full of wonder, full of beauty, because when you stop running from your own truth and when you stop fighting everyone else’s truth, then you begin to see, to feel, the beauty of it all. Then you begin to see and to feel through the eyes of your soul. Then you begin to open to all of these other senses, the angelic, or soul, senses.

You see, they’ve always been there. So many beautiful, amazing senses, that you created for yourself. They’ve always been there! But as you hid your truth away, as you tried so hard to conform to everyone else’s truth, to make them conform to yours, or what you thought was yours, you pushed all of your other senses away.

When you hid from your own truth you hid from all of your other senses too, until finally you were limited to the five human senses, which can barely even be called senses. They’re so limited! And now, you’re finally letting your truth come back. Your truth. It’s not like anyone else’s. And as you do, all of these other amazing senses are coming in. You feel them.

Sometimes life feels really crazy to you these days. Your body feels strange things. You feel strange energies, strange things happening within you and around you. It’s because you’re beginning to sense yourself, and life, through all of these other senses that you’re not used to. It’s because you are allowing your own truth back into your life.

This is what enlightenment is about, what realization is about. This is what allows the reunion, the reintegration of your soul and of all that you are and all that you’ve ever been, to happen. This, allowing your truth to be here, along with allowing yourself to honor everyone else’s truth, but especially to honor and welcome your own truth. This is what allows you to remain on Earth as you integrate yourself. This is what allows you to stay on Earth as an enlightened master.

So feel me, dear one. Feel your own truth.

As you do you’re going to feel your soul, because I am one of your soul’s senses.

As you do you’re going to feel the dragon, because the dragon is simply your soul’s senses coming back to life. It’s always been here, but you’ve been running from it, hiding from it. Now you’re letting it back in.

Feel your dragon, however it shows up to you. It’s me. It’s your truth. And your truth is whatever, whatever, you create it to be.

There’s no fixed truth. There’s no outer truth. There is simply what you create.

Can you trust that? Can you trust this truth, these senses that come from so deep within you, that go against everyone else’s truth?

No, that’s the wrong word. They don’t go against everyone else’s truth. They’re just different from everyone else’s truth. And as you let it in, as you let your own truth in, then you find that it’s no longer necessary to go against anyone else’s truth.

And feel that, dear friend. Feel the freedom in that!

You don’t ever have to argue or fight against anyone else’s truth ever again, because you have your own. And they have their own, and that’s how it’s supposed to be.

Oh, they don’t know it yet. They’re still going to be fighting over truth for a long time to come, some of them. They’re still going to be doing things that, from the human perspective, hurt each other. They’re still going to be battling with each other, pushing against each other, stealing each other’s energies in so many different ways. But now as you look through the eyes of your soul, as you allow yourself to have your own truth, you no longer have to fight against them. Because as you let in your own truth you realize that their truth has no effect whatsoever upon you, unless you take it on. And that, dear friend, is what will eventually create peace on Earth.

As you allow yourself to have and to trust and to live your own truth, while honoring everyone else’s, you become a bright light. You become an example for others. And little by little, they’re going to start noticing. They’re going to start realizing that they can have their own truths without having to fight against everyone else’s. And in you they’re going to see the results of that, because within your own truth, in allowing your own truth, your creation is going to change and you’re going to discover a whole new life that will thrill you, that will fulfill you.

The only truth that is real is the truth that you have created for yourself. Let yourself have that and watch what happens.

And so it is.


Let yourself have that, and let yourself discover what your truth is.

This is something that is also not so easy. Overwhelmed with so many truths from others, finally feeling, seeing, hearing your own truth.

I would truly, warmly invite you to take time today, in the following days, in the following months, to find quiet time just with yourself.

Go for a walk in the nature, or be in your own place, and feel. And listen, deeper, deeper layers of your truth. Seeing it, hearing it, feeling the sensations of your body.

There is so much already here, in your body. Being it’s pleasant or unpleasant, don’t make these judgments.

Just allow your truth to come to you.

Enjoy this journey of yours.

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Channeled by John McCurdy with Romana Ercegović

This material is copyright and may not be reproduced in any form without written permission from Romana or John. Links to this page are always welcome, but no copy or translation may be posted on any other website, blog, newsletter, social media post or in any other form without our explicit permission. Thank you for respecting the love and energy that has gone into this work, and for your energy exchange!


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Canalizado por John McCurdy con Romana Ercegović


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